Saturday's Day 3 route will take us out of Myre Big Island State Park and head us east on County Road 46. We will then head north before turning back to the west, traveling through some small burghs before getting to Hollandale, a neat little town with a great bar and grill. From there we will head up to Geneva, another cool stop, and probably eat lunch. Then it's up to Owatonna and Medford before arriving home. Anticipated time of arrival at BA will be sometime mid-afternoon. Total distance: approximately 65 miles.

Day 3: Approximately 65 miles
  • Leave out the north side of the State Park on Cty Rd 38 – between getting out of the campgrounds, out of the park, and out on 38, it’s about 2.5-3 miles
  • Go right (east) on Cty Rd. 46 for about 11 miles
  • Go north on Cty Rd 34 for about 7 miles
  • Go west on Cty Rd 251 through Maple Island and to Hollandale (about 5 miles) and great small Bloody Mary’s at the 3 in 1 Bar
  • Go north on Cty Rd 28 for about 5 miles
  • Go west on Cty Rd 35 for about 3 miles to Geneva – it could be lunch at the Geneva Bar and Grill, where they have great bigger Bloody Mary’s!
  • Go north on Cty Rd 45 for about 1.5 miles
  • At the fork in the road, stay right – it says Cty Rd 47, but it’s 45 – stay on it for about 16-17 miles into Owatonna
  • Once in Owatonna, go straight on 45 until the stoplight at 18th
  • Go left on 18th about ¾ mile, including a stretch along Kaplan Woods – when you get to the bottom of the hill, hang a short left into the parking lot, but continue straight ahead
  • As you get to the park and the river, you will see Kaplan Trail going right
  • Continue on the trail – you will go under Rose Street and loop up to cross the river on a bike bridge – continue until you reach W. North St., where we will take a short left out to Hoffman Drive – total distance about 2-2 ½ miles
  • Right on Hoffman Drive up over the bridge to State Street  - about .5 miles
  • Right on State Street, which is also Cty. Rd 4 – take it all of the way through Medford to Faribault – about 14 miles
  • Left on 17th street past Faribault Middle school to 9th Ave. – about .5 miles
  • Right on 9th Ave. to 9th St. – about 1 mile
  • Right on 9th St. and follow curve to left to 4th Ave. all of the way to 3rd St. – 1 mile
  • Right on 3rd 1 block and left on 3rd Ave. 1 block to BA – IT’S IN THE BOOKS!